Getting Bigger

I think that we are going to have to get Daisy into a bed. A toddler bed, or full size single, or something other than her cot. You see our little girl has grown up. Over the past few weeks she has just plain grown up. She talks more, plays by herself more, seems happier with her own company now. She plays with the toys and makes them talk to each other, gets more things, can be negotiated with better, tells me when she needs to go to the bathroom, laughs at me – with me – she just got big. Somewhere along the way the very last bit of baby that we were holding onto (all 3 of us) has been left behind.

PLUS…we have been having sleeping issues (again). I hate to bring them up again here – believe me I could have written 172 extra posts on the sleeping issues but it’s boring to live, let alone read about, especially when everyone has there own child issues – why take another one on board? So I haven’t. PLUS I have been feeling so much better about the whole sleeping thing after my visit to my friend and her newborn babe a few weeks ago – it just doesn’t matter in the scheme of things. Um now I forget where I was going with all this…yes that’s right sleep (or lack of it). Daise has been going down OK (if you think that 45 mins in with her is OK) but has been waking in the night almost every night from a nightmare, or something and she just wants to get out of her cot and either out to the lounge room or in bed with us (of course she does!). She isn’t really that upset – just awake – and looking for company. She can’t stand being in her cot and will go down happily in the spare room’s double bed with me. Before too long she is asleep again and I can transfer her back to her cot (that’s if I haven’t fallen asleep in the process of waiting which is highly likely at 3.42am). The musical beds game is not fun and I am looking for solutions.

So I was thinking of making the move into a bed. Why? Well, she has really flourished these last few weeks with her new found independence and being praised for being a big girl. I figure that if we make her a ‘special’ bed with her own doona cover and change her room around it might make a difference? Won’t it????

BUT I have been holding off on this…for many reasons. It is going to open up a whole new can of worms with her being able to get out of the bed when she doesn’t want to be in there. We are heading OS soon and she will just be in a porta-cot there and I don’t want that to be a disaster. The jet lag will be one thing but I don’t need other issues as well. But I think that we are going to have to do it. And soon. Like this weekend soon.
So I guess I am looking for ideas on the best way to make the transition. Best type of bed. And the GREAT stories about how fabulous life is when your toddler is in their bed ALL night sleeping ALL night through 7pm to 7am and waking up speaking french. Thanks….


  1. Email me with the actual details of her sleep – it is what I do for a living. I should be able to help you out quite a bit.

    Eating times, bedtimes, times she wakes up, when she gets up, nap time and length, time it gets dark out, time sun rises etc….

    [email protected]

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