A future so bright

That she has to wear sunglasses….or something like that. Daisy seriously peaked in her gorgeousness this weekend. Last week she hit 21 months and she became so sweet you just want to pick her up and squeeze her till some of that loveliness spills out onto yourself. DIVINE. She was happy, and listened, and played well, and laughed, and made us laugh. She slept well, ate well – did everything well. It was a good weekend.

Friday we spent the morning at the local pool – just her and I – swimming and hanging out in the warm weather. Friday afternoon we went around to visit a friend who just had a babe and she got another swim in their little blow up pool. She had a ball. And she was exhausted Friday night – she collapsed in pools of tears – which meant a good night’s sleep for Rob and I – perfection! I must say that seeing my friend with her new baby certainly made me ache for another of our own. Seeing their little girl who is 2 and a half show me her brother, and cuddle and kiss him – well the ovaries were flipping over thinking about Daisy do the same thing one day. Now that it seems that the option of having a crack at 2 after Christmas has been taken away because of work I realised that this was actually what I really wanted. The old don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone thing was true. Oh well…

Saturday morning we even got a sleep in until 7.30am (!) which was beyond great. Then we handed Daisy over to my Mum for the afternoon and night as we had an engagement party of some friend’s to go to. Rob and I got to go and share a few drinks, and actually have a conversation together – and then got to go to sleep knowing that we didn’t have to wake for a little lady in the night. Oh and the BEST part of Saturday night? I got asked for ID!!!!! I know – I was confused when we walked into the bar and was stopped and then when he asked me I almost fell over. I was SO excited that I looked under 18 – surely not???! And I am sure he got a hell of a surprise when he saw a birth year in the 70’s! Even if Rob paid him to boost my spirits after the shitty week that I had it was brilliant!

Yesterday we had a quiet day at home with Daise. We had a few friend’s over in the afternoon for some drinks & food while the 3 girls (Daisy, Gertie & Maddie) played together. It was a lovely way to spend a lazy Sunday arvo – and even better because it exhausted Daise again and she slept well last night.

I am not sure what this week will bring me. I have a permanent sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about work – about decisions that need to be made – and the fact that I may only have a job for a few more weeks. I haven’t even seriously considered my options – what I can or should do and people keep asking me. I guess I will just take it one day at a time and something will happen…right?

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