Daisy’s current Top 6

These 6 books are on HIGH rotation at our place at the moment (in fact they have been for months now). They feature things that we have done lately (trips on planes and to the beach) as well as some old favourites. 4 of them were mine when I was little…I loved being able to get them out and share my love for them with Daise and then see her love them right back with the same passion I had! You can tell by the creases that they are well read and loved, by me and Daisy and I hope one day her children.

In no particular order I give you…

Meg on the Moon
by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski
Picture Puffin 1973

I loved, loved, loved this series when I was little. I especially loved the colouring in books that you could get as well. Daisy has loved the bright colours and the way the text moves around the page with the illustrations. She knows this off by heart by now – including the sound effects that Rob and I have come up with.

Time For Bed by Mem Fox – Scholastic 1993

Part of her daily bedtime routine – she reads this every night.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle – Picture Puffin 1970

This was another of mine when I was little. I’m sure everyone knows this one…but I have such strong memories of all the food when that caterpillar goes on a binge…the cupcake! The sausage! I remember it all…

Magic Beach by Alison Lester – Allen & Unwin 1990

I think this was was my little sisters – but Daisy has loved looking at the pictures of the beach and is one of her favourites
Don’t Get Burnt! byJack Bedson – Collins Australia 1985

So this is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE book from when I was little. Such good illustrations, and it is SO Australian. It sums up every summer holiday I had when I was little – it is like a time capsule from 1985. I love, love, love it. I think Daisy likes it – I really only read it for myself though!
Amazing Aeroplanes by Tony Mitton & Ant Parker – Kingfisher 2002

And this is new to the collection. But I know that with the current passion for planes that it will be learnt by heart in no time. Great pictures and will be good prep for ALL that time we are going to spending on a plane in a few weeks time.

OK well about 6 weeks.

Not sure if you know? We are going to Paris. Yes, as in France. For Christmas. As I said, fever pitch people, FEVER pitch excitement!

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