Cause it’s about all I can manage OK?

Too many points to cover off, not enough energy and sleep to be coherent so bare with me and my bullet points…

  • Daisy has been going well in her new bed. In fact she loves it. There have been requests to be put into the bed just to hang out and play, and read. She has still been waking in the night though – but it is a HELL of a lot easier for me to lay down next to her in her bed rather than the floor of her room, cold, with one hand through the cot. Or in the spare room on that shitty mattress, or the couch or wherever it is that we manage to find ourselves in the wee hours of the night. AND the best bit? She doesn’t know that she can get down from it yet. We have a side safety rail thing and I have made a point of picking her up onto the bed every time and drilling her that she needs to call out to me to get down – and so far so good she has not gotten down yet. I know this won’t last for long and of course I do not want my child trapped in her bed forever but I know that this is can be a major problem in the move to the big bed so the longer this lasts the better. It is one less thing to worry about at least for now
  • I went to the Australia preview screening on Sunday night and the verdict? Brilliant! I was not expecting anything much from this – I am a fan of Baz’s work but not so much Moulin Rouge – but it was great. I was completely swept up by it – it is an epic film like the days of old. The parallels to Wizard of Oz also struck a chord with me as it is one of my all time favourites PLUS we I walked down the aisle at our wedding to somewhere over the rainbow so I always tear up when I hear it. It’s a love story, a family story and a story of our country’s history and past. Important stories that need to be told. Our country looked amazing (as did Hugh Jackman’s body) and I was afraid of Nicole and her scary wooden botox ridden face but she was likable! And funny! And perfect. I was surprised by this film – swept up and completely entertained for the (almost) 3 hours that it went for. Could have had something to do with the fact I saw it at 5pm on a Sunday night with 2 of my best friends and there was champagne involved beforehand, and Thai and dinner afterwards and no dinner/bedtime dramas. Maybe that was why I enjoyed myself so much?
  • Sunday night I woke to Daise crying out about 1.50am. I went to her and she just kept pointing to her head and saying “Sore, sore” then proceeded to vomit and have a fever of about 39 degrees. She got SO sick. It was awful. She could barely sit up she was so lethargic and just plain miserable. The doctor couldn’t work out what it was but was concerned enough that we were on standby to go to emergency if she changed. She fortunately got better slowly, but managed to start talking again and even laughing and waiting by this afternoon. It is a HUGE relief to see her back to form – I am always amazed by the way kids spring back to life – when they are sick they are just so sad and miserable and sick – there is no way of NOT knowing – and then all of sudden they get better, and must feel so better about being better that all is good with the world again. I can’t imagine my child being sick for any length of time. I don’t know how parents cope with a sick child for any length of time. It just seems so unfair when a little one is sick. I am grateful for her being better and for hearing her chit chat and laughter back. Even though it was 24 hours, it was SO quiet. And I have decided that I do not like quiet (even though sometimes that is all I want – you just cannot make me happy can you?!)
  • I have been treated (at no extra cost) to a bout of tonsillitis that has coincided with her sickness. Poor Rob has had to take the last 2 days off work to look after his girls. Because Daisy was so sick she wanted to be on my lap, and because I was so sick I needed him to prop me and my lap up. I have been guilt ridden by the fact that I have had to take time off work so close to finishing up (I am sure that they are thinking I am taking time off for interviews or because I just don’t give a shit) and I really don’t know why I even care about this. But I do. Damn me and my work ethic. Tomorrow I have 3 days of work to do in 1 day and I am feeling a little sick still, and SO tired I can’t even begin to explain that. I seriously cannot remember the last time that I went to bed, and then woke up by myself in the morning…in the sunshine. I can’t remember the last time we put Daisy to bed and didn’t hear a word from her until the morning. I know it will come back and that this is all a passing phase but when you are in the depths of this it seems eternal.

Um…. there is probably more. But I can’t think past these points…so it will have to do. For now.


  1. Good for her in her new bed! Kids adapt so darn quickly.

    I am always shocked at how fast kids spring back from illness as well. I work in a hospital and some of the things I have seen where the children just recover SO FAST! Amazing. My own Dictator honestly does not stop going full speed ahead – even when he is sick.

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