All about who? ME!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we were given the day off work. It was Melbourne Cup Day (for those that don’t know what that is… it is a horse race…in Melbourne…that the whole country gets excited about. They even have a public holiday in Victoria for it) and as I work in a ‘blokey’ financial industry where they (as in boys in suits) like to go and out and celebrate for the day, I was happy to take that day off and not come into work, and even better not have to participate in any kind of racing celebrations with work colleagues.

It was the first day I have had off to myself, without being sick, for the longest time. No child, no husband, just me to look after all day. It was bliss.

I cleaned the house. Mopped the floors. Excitement I know! Then I went to the movies. And saw this movie which was great. Funny, clever and silly. I was one of about 4 people in the entire cinema. I had a large pop corn and coke….no sharing….and laughed out loud. I came home and crashed out on the couch (in fact I felt a little woozy all afternoon and evening from the overload of popcorn that I gorged on…I got a little excited so don’t judge me OK?!). I made dinner before Rob and Daisy got home around 6. It was a great day.

I think perhaps the first Tuesday in November every year should be the day that stops this lady.


  1. oh that sounds divine…popcorn overload and all!!

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