That’ll show ya!

I work Mon – Wed every week but yesterday I had to go and see a client for work on my day off. She knew that I had Daisy with me but wanted me to come to her house to help her with he computer. We always conduct client meetings in the office but I was happy to help her out and head over there.

As you know the financial markets have been volatile (there’s a word to describe it) lately and working in finance we have had a hard time in our business. Client’s have been losing money (lots and fast). The meeting I had was going to be tricky and even more so with a 21 month old in tow.

So off we went, headed in and once I got into things I looked down and noticed (well in fact my client pointed out to me) that Daisy had thrown up everywhere. That’s right she picked THIS time to do her first proper grown up vomit all. over. her. white. carpet. And she wasn’t even sick – she had just gorged herself so much on biscuits before hand, then drunk her body weight in water so when she leaned over – bang out it came! I was mortified, tried to clean it up (this was not like the baby spew I had only known up until that point in time), and then carry on as best I could. I tried to stop Daisy from telling me every 2-3 seconds “mouth. that” whilst pointing to the vomit. Once that was cleaned up and we moved on she then proceeded to yell (as loud as she could) and more like a short sharp “MA” until I would stop my conversation and engage with her. The meeting went really well as you can imagine. Vomit, screaming toddler, distracted Beth and bad news! Fortunately my client was very relaxed and not worried at all about it but as I left, toddler in tow and bag full of vomit I thought to myself…superwoman? Trying to do it all? Mother and employed person at the same time? HA!


  1. Ugh. I think that beats my drooling 😉

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