I’ve said it before and I will say it again…time is going way too fast for me at the moment. Another week been and gone and I have barely had time to catch my breath!

My sister and her husband headed down to Melbourne for the weekend for his 40th and so my Mum had her 3 kids for the weekend. Friday all 4 of them descended upon our place for a visit for the afternoon as well as a sleep over for Alice who is about to turn 5. The kids hung out down at the park and then we all headed out to our local pizzeria for dinner where they all sat like well behaved children (which is not bad for a 5 yr old, twins almost 3 yrs and Daise) for at least 45 mins. Then it was bath time back at our place and poor Mum headed off with the boys in tow while Alice had a sleep over for the night.

It was SO nice to have Alice for the night and the morning. Of course because she is a sweet little girl who adores Daisy and because they are about to move back to Melbourne so we won’t be able to see here as often but MOSTLY because Daisy thinks she is the bees knees. She followed hear around everywhere. Everything Alice did, Daisy tried to copy. Daisy wore her clothes (and Alice actually wore some of Daisy’s), sat on her lap, played dolls and with all her MUCH better toys (she had a wand! and barbies!) and was generally just her shadow for the 24 hours she was at our place. Daisy got a little obsessed with the barbies and the fact that they had breasts and a bottom. She kept turning them over, showing me barbies tight little bum and telling me “poo”.
I now understand why people have more kids – they entertain each other. There was one moment on Sat morning where Rob and I were inside – having a conversation (!) while the girls were outside playing. All very appealing for number 2. However it is a loooong time before a newborn will be able to play with Daisy so let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. I was also made aware of something. All this time I have been afraid of Daisy being a teenager. If she is anything like I was…well you would be afraid too. BUT I think that there is something worse than a teen. A tween! I got an insight to it with Alice. Although she is only (almost) 5 she knows all the toys (barbies and bratz) and music (top 40 stuff) and movies (high school musical um 3!) and Hannah someone else. It is madness. I am NOT ready for all this grown up stuff. At least I have another 3.5 years to get through before we have to deal with any of that stuff.

I am not sure when Alice will have her next sleep over with us. I know that next time she will be even more grown up, and cool, and not just sit there and talk to me for the longest time telling made up stories and playing with her little cousin. But it was lovely and I will hold onto the memories of it for a long time. I am really going to miss my sister and her kids. SIGH…..


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