Saying goodbye

Daise and I (and Rob) had to say goodbye yesterday to her godmother and our good friend Amelia. She is heading back to the UK to live for good with her lovely husband Tom. She has been such a lovely friend to have and I have so enjoyed her time popping in to play with Daise, eat and drink and laugh with us around our dinner table with us and share our passion for bad TV together. She arrived from the UK almost a year ago to get her visas sorted out – she has seen Daisy grow from the little baby (who couldn’t talk or crawl or walk) to the big girl that she now is (calling out to a million* whenver she can). She helped with Daisy’s christening, 1st birthday party and we witnessed her beautiful wedding and helped with the flowers and she has looked after our house while we have been away throughout the year. I know it’s not for good….we will maybe even see her over Christmas…but I can’t help but feel a little sad.

* a million is how Amelia’s name comes out when Daisy says it!

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