Daisy has been doing well with her self directed toilet training. She has managed to get a few poos in and even a wee (half way through my client meeting last week I had to ask to be excused and take Daisy to the toilet and wait and wait and wait until we got that wee). I am sure that when they mention it you have to go with it there and then otherwise the whole being aware thing passes. In any case this is boring…she has been doing OK and I have been proud. She even got a little toilet/potty seat for the toilet…again boring and I digress.

ANYWAY I was in the supermarket last week and bought Daise a little treat. A $4 pack of Play School cards that you can play memory with or SNAP! She loves Playschool and has a particular passionate love for Humpty do she was very pleased with them and I felt like they may actually get used and not just be some plastic Dora crap that she would lose interest in after 5 mins. We got them home and I had the pleasure of teaching Daise her first ever game. Well a card game at least. We learnt SNAP! She loves loves loves it. Sure, she has no idea how the whole thing works and after she places down a card (every single time) she turns it over, places it down on the pile with her chubby little hand, says whoever it is (Humpty or Diddle) then looks up at me and says…”NUFFT?” which apparently is HER word for snap! It’s too sweet. A card, a look up and a question…nufft? Then when she actually gets the 2 in a row and I say yes, yes it is snap you should see the passionate NUFFT and hand slap down on the cards! It’s brilliant. I might just hold off on the backgammon as that will be waaay to hard for her to say.

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