A Loooong weeeekend

What a marvellous thing a long weekend is. Thanks to the Queen? Or Labour Day? Or something we had yesterday off work and were treated to a long weekend. Thanks! We had a very quiet and low key weekend with LOTS of time spent at home just chilling out.

Friday Rob’s Mum took Daise off my hands for a few hours (thanks Grandma Katie) so I could get my hair cut and do the grocery shopping etc in peace. The weather was HOT. I think about 35 degrees which meant uncomfortable nights and lots of time spent watering the garden (read Daisy) with her watering can. She literally just loves to tip the contents over herself and then ask for “more?” “more?”.

Saturday we had a few visitors pop in – but the weather kept us indoors – storms and rain. Sat night also saw the start of daylight savings which is great because Sunday morning I got to sleep in until 8.30am or something crazy like that! It has been a LONG time since I can say that. Even if it was only 7.30 that is brilliant compared to the 5.30/6am starts we have been getting at home of late. Sunday we headed to my nephew Zac’s 6th (!!!!) birthday party. I am starting to sound like one of those old aunties when I say “wasn’t he just born?”. But seriously I cannot believe that the little boy – the first grandchild in our family is now 6. He had a witches and warlocks party – Daise went as a cat. Every witch has one of those right? She had an absolute ball playing with all her cousins and especially on Sam and Jo’s slide – she went down maybe 842 times and had the same amount of fun each time.

Yesterday we spent at home (thanks to the weather again) and Daisy decided that she no longer needed a day sleep (so not cool) but was a happy little lady playing with her Dad all day. She crashed out last night and then I had to wake (!) her this morning to get ready to go to daycare. I am sure it will take a week or so to get used to the change in time. So a quiet but great weekend had here.

We are heading away on Saturday with Rob’s family to Lord Howe Island for 5 days which will be fabulous. I can’t wait to get there – the place looks amazing – and I know that Daise will have so much fun with her 3 cousins – there will be plenty of squealing girls (4 under 4) and it will be great to spend time with Rob’s brother Chris, his wife Kylie and his Dad Alan and his lovely partner Sue. With the crumbling financial world around us it will be nice to go hide out in the middle of the ocean and spend time on what is really important – family.

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