Escape to Paradise

How lucky are we? I will answer that for you. SO lucky. So VERY VERY lucky to have been to the most BEAUTIFUL place I have ever been to in the whole world. And we got to stay there for 5 whole days!! Let me tell you all about it.

Saturday we headed off early. As in 4.50am start early. I was nervous about the plane trip given the raging ear infection but it was fine. She was SO obsessed with the planes, and the buses to get to the little plane, and then sitting on Dad’s lap and looking out the window that she forgot about any ear infection that may have been lurking around. The weather on the first 2 days was a little miserable – cloudy, windy and rainy but when you are on an island in the middle of the pacific it just adds to the feeling of remoteness and wilderness and nature and all the elements. One side of the island was rough and wild, the other calm and serene in the lagoon. It changed with the weather, the hours. It was magical. We looked at cows down by the ocean, we went to one beach where you could hand feed fish (king fish etc) up to 1 metre long as well as some ducks that come along for the feed. We went for bike rides with the kids in tow in little cabooses, we went for walks along rocks, and jettys.

Daisy fell in love (all over again) with Rob’s Dad’s partner Sue. Some could say she was a little obsessed. The first thing she asked for every morning when she woke up was Shoes (Sue)? In the middle of the night when she woke and remembered that she was on holidays and that Shoes was in the NEXT room it took all my physical and mental strength not to just let her in there. I even had to show he a picture I had taken of Sue on the digital camera just to tide her over until Sue was ready to get up and deal with her little friend!

The third day we woke to sunshine! And a whole different island Like all the tropical places you have heard/seen of. We swam in the (cold) water. I SNORKLED! I have never snorkled! It was great. I was a little scared at first about it but got into the swing of it once I just relaxed and told myself it was just like looking through an (under) water garden. I saw fish just going about their business on a Monday afternoon. What a treat to do that on a Monday afternoon! Daise ate and slept well, the adults ate and drank well and we just had the sort of good times you have when you are on holidays – making do with what you have* (*kitchen sink for bath!) And we got to do it all with family. Together. We really were lucky.

And the only way we could get Daisy away from the place was the promise of a return trip on a plane home again. Thank goodness for that. Let’s hope the passion stays burning for 24 hours on route to Paris. Yes it truly was an escape from all this nasty financial/global recession stresses to paradise!

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