Busy (social) Bees

Whoosh! Did you see that? It was ANOTHER weekend flying past. I can’t believe how fast the weeks are going at the moment. Um, it’s November next week!? Anyway, enough of that here is what we did over the weekend.

Saturday morning we headed over to some friends place for brunch. There were 3 couples, 3 kids (with another in the tummy) which was lovely. It was great to sit around and chat, watch the kids play and eat some good brunch food. Haloumi AND bacon? Brillant! Saturday afternoon I had a leave pass (it seems I have been getting a few of these of late lucky me) to go to High Tea at the Victoria Room in Darlinghurst with my Mum and sister and auntie and cousins as a little farewell for my sister who is moving back to Melbourne in a few weeks time (sigh…sob). It’s a great place full of ladies drinking champagne, good tea and eating little cucumber sandwiches and the like – la di da! It’s set up like some sort of colonial place from the 30’s? Or 40’s? In any case great fun and a different thing to do with girlfriends. We then headed out for a night on the tiles…more wine and dinner and laughs and chats as you can only do when 6 women are all together.

Sunday we had my brother in law’s 40th b’day lunch at Mum’s place which was lovely. All the family together it felt just like Christmas day. The kids had a ball playing together and eating ice creams in the lovely warm spring weather. That afternoon we had to head off to farewell drinks for Amelia in the city before getting home and crashing out.

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