Uh oh…

Daisy usually says this little phrase when she drops something, or I drop something. I must have said it a lot when she was growing up as it was one of the first things that she said. “Uh oh” (Mummy dropped you)…”Uh Oh” (Mummy forgot to feed you) stuff like that. This morning I was in the kitchen cleaning up and I kept hearing her say over and over “Uh Oh”. I sort of ignored her but after the 7th time I decided I better have a look. Green crayon all over the carpet. She had drawn all. over. the. carpet. I should have known better letting her colour in alone. AND I know that I have been lucky to not have any real incidents before. And AT least she was being polite about it and alerting me to the fact. In fact it was even quite sweet, and she helped me clean up. Somehow my little lady has grown up and there will be plenty more of these in the future. Uh on indeed.

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