Sick in spring? Ick!

Another weekend gone. Sigh. It’s always so sad to see them whoosh by but I know that they will be back around before I can say conjunctivitis…which is what poor Daise was struck down with on the weekend.

Out of nowhere on Sat morn she awoke with sticky, green, gooey, icky eyes. Poor thing had to go to the doctor to get some drops and ointment which she just LOVES to get out in her eyes! NOT. I felt like the nastiest person in the world having to hold her down while we put them in. Every. 2. hours. Which also meant that we were trapped indoors as she couldn’t be around any other kids. And yesterday arvo she was just plain les miserables…I think that the eyes also have been building up some pressure so she had like a sinus headache. The poor little lady kept pointing to her head and saying ow and then crying. Enough to break your heart. Last night she had a shocker as well and we have been up at 2 and then since 4am this morning. AND she can’t go to daycare until tomorrow so Rob and I have had to take half days at work. Let’s hope we get though this quickly.

So what do you do when you are forced to stay at home, away from other kids & parks and your cousins 4th birthday party? You cook of course! And make fun little people out of egg shells and cars out of cartons OF COURSE! I know…I am a regular Martha Stewart. A tired one…

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