A perfect Friday afternoon

Friday afternoon was bloody perfect. Or as close to perfection as you can get. Rob was missing from it but that was about the only thing that could have been changed to make it even better.

Daise and I went to the local pool down the road for an afternoon swim. First swim of the season. I wasn’t sure how she was going to take to it seeing as she hasn’t been going to any lessons or anything and hasn’t been in a pool since the farm in January.

We took the bus to the pool. She LOVES buses. She always points them out and when we actually got on I was afraid that she may just pop with excitement. Then we went and had a swim in their little toddler pool. 29 degrees and only about 1/2 metre deep but she LOVED it. We hung in there for about 45 mins in the sunshine giggling and squealing like a couple of (well) 19 month olds’s!

Then we sat in the sunshine and dried ourselves and ate sultanas and drank water and checked out the passing parade.

Then we went to the pond which is just outside the pool and fed the ducks. We sat there and watched all of the birds and the people and the afternoon go by for another half an hour or more. And then we got on the bus and went home again. I mean really, could it get much better? I think we covered off all her favourite things in just 3 hours.

I am lucky to have these days with her I really am.

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