Eat your heart out Kevin Bacon

It has been raining here for days. Pouring for weeks it seems, but it has been at least 2 days (it finally stopped this morning though YAY). And we all had a serious case of cabin fever around there. Daise couldn’t seem to burn all her energy and we were getting cranky that we couldn’t just hide under the doona and enjoy a rainy few days like days of old.

So we got in the car and headed to the shops to pick up a new digital camera. Daise went crazy in the shop running around so I decided it was best to get out and just let run up and down the street in the rain. When we got outside they had speakers out there of the music that was playing inside the shop. We were about to head down the street when Footloose (aka Kenny Loggins) started up. You know those first few bars? Der der der der der de dum. Der der der der der de dum. She stopped in her tracks turned around and pumped it out on the dance floor (pavement) for the entire song. She was seriously going for it – swinging the hips, bending up and down and clapping. I was in hysterics. People were stopping out the front to look at her. Someone said I have the next Britney Spears (Jesus I hope not) and I really should have just put a hat down and tried to get some money out of it. The next song after that was I’m so excited by the Pointer Sisters which took her interest as well for a few verses but then she lost interest and we headed back down the road.

It certainly brightened up a very wet and dreary Saturday afternoon.

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