Day O’ the Dadda

It was Fathers Day yesterday – Happy Fathers Day Rob! We probably didn’t spoil him as much as he deserved yesterday (sorry!) but we had a lovely day out anyway. The sun was shining (FINALLY) so we headed out to lunch to the local pub with Kate and Simes and Mads and friends of their Meags and Martin and their two kids. We had a great afternoon eating and drinking and the kids did really well to stay indoors and not be (too) feral so that the Dad’s could enjoy some adult conversation and many drinks. We had a great time rolled back up the street to our place.

In the years to come Daisy will come to realise how lucky she is to have Rob as her Dad. She already ADORES him. She looks for him and asks for him as soon as she wakes up. Whenever the phone rings and I ask her who it is she always says Daddy? The way she says Daddy really is just the sweetest. In fact sometimes I get called Daddy as well. She is lucky enough to have her Dad drop her off and pick her up from daycare during the week when it is usually the Mum’s that do this. I know that he shows interest in what she does there, and all of the ladies that work there would say how nice he is. He has to put up with her tears almost every time that he leaves and gets the full force of her joy when he picks her up. They have great sing alongs in the car together. In the many years to come in Daisy’s life I know that she will be embarrassed by him (I can already hear the Daaaaad’s! to come), she will laugh at him and with him. And she will be truly loved by him. And I know what that is like and I can tell you now that makes her the luckiest lady in the world.

Happy Fathers Day Rob! Your girls love you. MWAH x


  1. I had to check the date twice, because hey, Fathers’ Day was months ago! Duh, am not very bright. (Note to self: there are other countries, and people even live in them.)

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