Anyone seen my baby?

I can’t seem to find her anywhere…all I can find is this little girl with bucket loads of tude (and hair! That goes into a ponytail!) who is so darn cute it makes me not miss my baby at all.

But then again….since we have come back from our holiday she has been having some problems in the sleep department. Ah….that old chestnut! Day times are fine. Great even. However now that I have written that down I am sure it will go to shit as well. But day times have been good – even at daycare she has been sleeping well (3 hours the other day which is a record!) then we get to bedtime things fall apart. There seems no issues before hand – same routine we have always done – dinner, bath, stories, into bed with light off and (usually) that’s it. But she has been crying as soon as the light goes out and the door shuts. I have tried everything – going in and checking every now and then – telling her it’s ok and time for bed. Going to bed later, earlier. Less sleep in the day, more sleep. Less food, more food. Tough love which meant that I left her no matter what – boy does she have stamina though – 45 mins and NO let up I decided to go in and check on her and saw that she had thrown up everywhere. Sat with her, read to her, rocked her and eventually we get there. But people…I WILL not have my night spent sitting on the floor in her room while she goes to sleep when I could be having wine and an actual conversation with Rob. Why does it always seem SO bad when they decide that they can’t sleep when you KNOW that they can? You have had a taste of the good life and bam! It’s gone. It makes me snappy (now there’s an understatement). I seem to fly off the handle and my old favourite trick that I am best at is going to 11 from nothing when it all turns bad so there is no lead up, no build up, no time for me to get REALLY frustrated because I am already there 30 seconds in. And we don’t seem to eat dinner because at the end of 3 hours of getting her down it is the LAST thing I feel like doing.. Ah parenthood you tricky beast! Let’s hope we work things out and soon. And oh…if you have ANY suggestions….

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