Ooh La LAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

So….we have been throwing around the idea of an overseas holiday at Christmas for the past few months. My sister and her boyfriend live over in London and I miss them both terribly. I am very close to Lucy and have so missed her being a part of my life now as a mother – sharing all the small moments and I know that Daise would just LOVE her and they would get along so well (not to mention all the free baby sitting I am missing out on!). I mentioned to Rob a few months ago that we should maybe head over to London for Christmas with Daise so they could see her and get a little hit of family before they head off for another year of being away from everyone. We mentioned this to my Mum who decided that she and my step dad would head over as well. I hadn’t really discussed the plans with Rob and when I did we decided that if we were going to go all that way that we should go somewhere different than London – Rob has lived there and I have been there twice before. Anyway, we dropped the idea and were happy that Mum was heading over in any case to see Lucy.

Then I heard that they had decided to go to Paris for Christmas and New years. A little jealous seed was planted in my mind but I dared not think about it. I mean Paris? For 2 weeks? All that way? ALL that money? No Way?


After many discussions with Rob we decided that it was a chance in a lifetime that we couldn’t miss. We don’t have to pay for full fare for Daise as she is just under 2. My Mum and step dad and sister and brother in law (well almost) are going to be there to look after Daise which means that Rob and I could go out for dinner…in PARIS….if we wanted to. We will have help with her so we can actually enjoy ourselves. We will all have Christmas and New Years Eve together….in PARIS…and we will have memories that we will have forever for to look back on. Life is too short to wonder about all the what ifs. You never know what is around the corner so we thought “stuff it” and threw caution to the wind.

So….we are off….to PARIS!!! If you can’t already tell I am a little excited. I can’t believe that we will be there in 4 months time. I can’t believe that I get to see Lucy and Chris and be overseas with my Mum…at Christmas. I am bursting with excitement for it. We are searching for an apartment to rent for us all and tickets have been booked. I might even get to have my first ever white Christmas. It is going to be fabulous. I am so pleased that we are not yet too grown up and sensible to decide to stay home and do some home improvements instead. I love that. So be prepared for plenty of stories of preparation…not quite sure how that 24 hr flight from Sydney to Paris will go. What will she fit into? How cold will it be? How? What? Where? When? HOW much??? Somehow I think anything will be worth it.

Ooh la freakin’ la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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