Left 4 and a half, Right 5 and a half

Yesterday I had another one of those milestone moments with Daise – we went and had her fitted for her first pair of shoes! Don’t get me wrong I have not had her barefoot for the past 18 months – she has been wearing shoes but now that she has been walking for a few weeks I was advised to wait until now till she was fitted properly.

We headed into DJ’s in the city for our morning outing. I still have such vivid memories of going with my Mum into the city to go shopping, or to visit Hyde Park and feed the pigeons, have lunch at the Coles Cafeteria and listen to the piano playing in the fancy department store. Well it felt like full circle when we walked into DJ’s saw the same (well not the SAME) old man playing the piano and headed up to the kids section to get her fitted. The memories came rushing back of sitting up at the shoe shop on the platform, getting your feet measured by the Clarks foot measuruer thing – it really doesn’t seem like that long ago. Daisy loved it. Loved the attention and was loving herself silly walking around in the new shoes. We picked up 2 pairs – a girl has to have options right? And I wasn’t going to get any more than that – have you seen how much kids shoes are? Doesn’t size have anything to do with it? I would have thought the smaller, the cheaper right? Wrong.

I then spent all of yesterday afternoon watching Daisy sit herself on the step at home taking off one pair and asking me to put on another and then watching her clomp and stomp around the place. It was hilarious watching her have to lift the weight of the shoes up as she walked around and she was knackered last night from it. Fabulous! I will have her in them all day if it makes her even more tired.

Another milestone down. What a big girl we have now.

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