Happy Holidays Indeed.

I have a little tune stuck in my head. Back to reality….oops there goes gravity. Oh so true. What a fabbo time we had away. Plenty of good food and wine and company.

We crashed the house a day early because it was so cold in Sydney and I thought I might just get a chance to see some snow so Daise and I chased the weather up the mountains and settled in front of the fire that Mum had set up for us. Mum and my step dad had initially planned the weekend at house with some old friends of theirs so we were all there for the weekend together. My brother and his wife and kids popped in on Saturday afternoon and LOTS of wine was drank, plenty of sitting in front of the fire and lots of laughing throughout the weekend. Daisy thrived on all the attention from the adults – she had doting grandmas and Mum and Dad there ALL the time ready to give her all the attention she wanted…she was very spoiled but I was happy to indulge her as she is such a good girl at daycare week in and out whether she likes it or not. A passion for drawing and colouring in also was started – it was the first thing she wanted to do in the morning and the last thing at night.

During the week my sister and her twin boys came over for a visit and then Rob’s Mum came up for 2 nights as well. Crazy I know – all the family – but I wouldn’t have it any other way sharing the amazing place with good friends and family. Kathryn celebrated her birthday with us as well which was nice. Rob cooked a cracking roast dinner for her. LOTS of scrabble was played, LOTS of wine drank, and LOTS of good memories stored away. I also got to indulge my passion for wood chopping and prepping and stoking the fire. I LOVE the chopping, setting, lighting of a fire I think I must have been some sort of pioneer woman in a past life.

So Friday morning we got back into the city. It was GREAT to be home and I loved to see Daise go through all her toys again with wonderment and excitement – it was like Christmas Day all over again. Rob has been away for the past 2 days though at a Bucks weekend and Daise seems to know that the good times are coming to an end as she hasn’t been sleeping all that well. But I will not complain as we really had the loveliest little holiday away. Now we just need to bring on the spring and start the countdown to the end of the year!

Mum and Daise in obligatory shot in front of the Three Sisters

We went for walk with Daisy’s cousins and she was so tired and over it that she literally stopped and laid down on the dirt and would not go any further. It was hilarious and I was so glad that I had the camera with me as no one would have believed it.

The view from our front balcony. Magnificent. And the weather was great almost the whole time we were there…cool nights and almost warm days.

How I love an open fire…

Grandma Katie’s birthday dinner.

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