Happy Birthday….To me!

You know that things have changed when your own birthday doesn’t really mean much to you but more of a chance to let your own child enjoy it and see the joy that they get from it. Don’t get me wrong…I love a birthday and still do but I have come to realise that I love more seeing Daisy get into the spirit of things – blowing out the candles, playing with her cousins and getting “party belly” from eating too many party foods.

I had a great weekend. It’s always good when your birthday manages to fall on a weekend and you actually get to enjoy the day with your family. Saturday morning we went out for breakfast (Rob, Daise and I) where I had to share ALL my bacon (indeed my birthday bacon) with Daise who managed to work her way through all of mine and then onto Rob’s. Then we had a quiet day at home then headed over to my sister’s place in the afternoon for a party with all my family and all the kids (read 7 under 5). We had a great party – good food and wine and even stayed the night. Daisy had a ball playing with all the kids – I can’t believe how much she has grown up over the past month or so. She interacts with them so much more – gets in there and plays with them all and they can include her much more than ever before. It’s like they have worked out that she is no longer a baby but a big girl that they can now have MUCH more fun with.

Yesterday we went to my Aunty and Uncle’s place in the Blue Mountains for my cousin’s 21st. It was a small family do but I managed to get another birthday cake and round of singing which I am always up for! It was a great weekend and birthday and I am very lucky to have all of my family to share it with.

Some highlights if you will….

My birthday cake from yesterday that my aunty made especially for me! I have ALWAYS wanted a doll cake and FINALLY got one…when I was 31. It’s fabulous no?

And my other cake (excuse me having not 1 but 2 cakes) that my Mum made for me for the party on Saturday night. I am sure you will agree it is again fabulous – a heart decorated with flowers (as Daisy would say “FOUWERS”

All of Daisy’s cousins at the party. They were all VERY well behaved…despite being ‘pepped up’ on cheezels and other party delights. (Bless the power of Cinderella on the TV)

JUST before Mia (2and a half) swooped in blew ALL the candles out. I think Daisy sensed the imminent attack…

My favourite photo from the weekend – I love all the activity and the anticipation…

And the lovely ladies…my Sister Sarah, Mum, Moi and Sister in law Jo.

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