18 month Numbers

Before I forget the details thought I better write them down for posterity. I guess this is some sort of baby book for her – well it will have to do as I don’t have anything else! We had Daisy’s 18 month check up and shots last week (the last of the vaccinations until she is 4 – yay for that!). She was measured and weighed and prodded and then pricked but we are on track, in fact some could say that she is an over achiever with the stats that she got.

The stats:

Number of kilos weighed: 13
Number of cm’s high: 89
Numbers of cm’s of head circumference: 50

The doctor was amazed by her height and head for her age. Did someone say heeeeeeeed? Or orange on a toothpick? No that would just be our daughter. With her enormous head. No wonder she couldn’t walk for the longest time. Her head was weighing her down! But really it is nothing to worry about and is in proportion to the rest of her long body.

She was happy that she is growing as well as she is. She is tall, and healthy and thriving. But Daisy was the first toddler that the doctor has ever had who cried at her needle. Apparently they never cry for the chicken pox one as it is not painful. Daisy would disagree and is always one for the dramatics. She cried and sobbed at the injustice of it all but mostly at the fact that we tried to trick her by singing her favourite nursery rhyme and then sneaking in with the needle when she wasn’t looking! But really Daisy does seem so happy at the moment. She has been sleeping better since she has been able to walk and actually get exhausted. She has been dancing and running whenever she can and has started to sing her own little songs to herself which are beyond adorable when you catch her singing unawares. She is a pure delight. Her Dad and I are amazed everyday by how she is growing. And we are enormously proud.

Oh and we are also stoked that she can now get around on her own in the car. It’s got good fuel economy and it makes it much easier that she can drop herself off at daycare. As I said, very advanced for her age.

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