10 things I love about chu

I am always going on about Daisy in here. Or me. But we wouldn’t have either of these things without a certain someone. A certain husband and Dad. Let me tell you just how lucky I am to have a partner like Rob. For no reason other than I love him. Dearly. And who I appreciate so very much. And who I still thank the stars above for each and every day. So Rob…here are 10 things that I love about you…

You make me laugh. At least one big belly laugh a day and plenty of snortles and even a few sarcastic ha ha’s thrown in for good measure.

You are a great Dad. You are patient and kind with Daisy. You encourage her. And always bring out the best in her. Where I would snap and get cranky you take the time to explain things to her, and help her understand.

You are a softie. Whenever we are watching something on TV and I shed a little tear or start to well up and I look over to see if you can see me and GUARANTEED you are always crying about the same thing.

You ALWAYS tell me how much you love me. Even if it is 15 times in one day.

You are smart. I am amazed about the things you know and the places you have been and more often than not I am a little embarrassed about what I don’t know. And I am learning from you every day.

You get me. Most of the time anyway. You understand what is important to me and respect me. You give me space when I need it, and pull me back into line when I need it. You try things that I suggest even when you don’t want to, or would never consider to.

You are good looking. And we know how important THAT is.

You never let me win. Your competitive spirit is so strong that even though you probably think you should let me win once in a while, you can’t bring yourself to because it wouldn’t be in the ‘fairness of the game’ to not give it your all.

You are successful. You started your own company from scratch and 4 years later have never not contributed to our household. People respect you. People pay you. Sometimes good money for what you do. You always work things out for yourself even when you have no idea what to do. You are creative, and witty, and clever.

You drive me to work. Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And then we get coffee together. And listen to Daisy sing in her car seat. Almost my favourite time of the week together (if it wasn’t on my way to work).

Thank you for being you. You do a really good of it (being you that is). I love you. Daisy loves you. As Daisy would say (with all the air kissing gusto a little person can manage) MWAHHHHH!


  1. Oh my goodness, that is so beautiful…think I need a kleenex – you two rock! Love Chook

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so beautiful…think I need a kleenex – you two rock! Love Chook

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