Warning: gratitious bragging ahead….

So…Wednesday night I got home from work, Daisy and Rob got home from daycare and work and Rob asked me what I had planned on Thursday. I told him that I wanted to hang out at home and let Daisy rest as much as she could as she is always exhausted after her 3 days at daycare. He then proceeds to tell me that he was going to take the day off. No work. Unheard of! I was sooooooooooo excited that we were going to have a cheeky mid week day together as a family.

Thursday started off GREAT – Daise slept in until 7.30 and we got to sleep in while it was cold and raining outside. While all the suckers had to head to work we got to stay in bed. Lovely! Then we had a quiet day at home, I got to head out and do shopping and boring things that have to get done but are so much easier to do without a 17 month old. Then….after Daisy work up from her 3 hour sleep (that’s right 3 hours!!!) I got a text message on my phone (from Rob) telling me that I had to pack a bag – include something to wear for dinner and that his Mum was going to come over and stay the night with Daisy. And I had 20 minutes to do it!!!! I thought that the day couldn’t get ANY better but it appeared that it could…

20 mins later I was dressed, bag packed and Kathryn there to look after Daisy. We headed into town to here and headed up to our EXECUTIVE suite! When we checked in someone met us downstairs and personally checked us in and escorted us to our fancy schamcy room (sorry suite!). We had a relaxing afternoon doing NOTHING but acting like excited teenagers. I do love a hotel room with all it’s robes and views and stuff and I don’t think I will ever tire of the fancy ones! I got ready for dinner and took my time – about an hour – had a bath (at 5pm – when was the last time I could do ANYTHING at 5pm??) then headed up to some fancy club that we had access to where we could have free cocktails and canapes. The view from here was amazing…I drank my body weight in champagne and then we headed out for dinner to here where we proceeded to have the most amazing Japanese dinner with fab wine where we could talk, and laugh and feel like sophisticated grown ups. Too. Much. Fun. Then we got to head back to the suite for an un-interrupted sleep in the most divine king size bed. Goodness me.

When I woke up I decided to have ANOTHER bath (cause I could) and then we had a relaxed breakfast before heading back home to the little minx with renewed energy, love and happiness in tow. I am one lucky lady hey???

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