She walks (well sort of)

Daisy is almost walking. Solo. Well not really, but her walking really has improved. And I thought that was worth writing about. She is happy to walk between the two of us (Rob and I) or any 2 people that she trusts and is now more confident with the walking while just holding onto one hand. She is cautious this little lady and will do it all in her own time I just keep wondering when that time will be. She will be 17 months this week and I did think months ago that she would do it at 18 months so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the time it is taking.

She is growing taller by the minute as well. All of a sudden a week or so ago I put on her tops and pyjamas and they all seemed to be 3/4 length in the arms. I guess that is just going to keep happening from now on but it seemed that it just happened overnight! Her hair is getting longer and blonder by the minute. The dead straight hair has to be pulled back by a hair elastic each morning which she just LOVES having done (not not not not). I have visions on mornings in the future with a screaming lady while I am trying to brush and do her hair. I am slowly starting to work out why my Mum had me looking like an elf for so many years when I was young. I promise I will not do the same to Daisy – the scaring of being called a little boy for so many years remains close to heart with me.

She is obsessed with cars and trucks and buses but has an equal fiery passion for tea cups and babies so it balances out ok. She loves being in the car and pointing out to us any large machinery, trucks and ESPECIALLY buses. You can imagine her delight when we actually caught one on the weekend. She watched everyone. Watched them holding onto the yellow straps that hang down and tried to copy. She was so very sad when it was time to get off so I have the next trip planned later this week. It’s cheap entertainment let me tell you.

The talking is improving as well. The knows and understands EVERYTHING that you say and has very strong opinions on what she likes and doesn’t like. She likes olives and haloumi cheese, mandarins and LOVES soda water. She doesn’t like so much being away from me (at any time) which is lovely to get all the extra cuddles but exhausting and I am sure a little disheartening for poor Rob who just doesn’t get a look in at the moment. She is finding it harder at daycare as well. She has moved into the big kids room at daycare so she has all new carers, and friends and the little minx is not such a fan of change. The tears and hysterics have started all over again when poor Rob drops her off. He really is getting the worst bits of parenting at the moment. The separation anxiety also rears its head at bedtime when she doesn’t want to be away from me. It is exhausting. And stressful and awful but I know that it is a phase and it should be over soon enough (and onto something else equally as frightening).

We are off to a few concerts at the end of the week. Playschool on Friday and then Justine Clarke on Sunday with all my family. I am not sure why I have decided to give them another go given how much she didn’t like the Wiggles a few months back but it is worth a shot. In any case the bus trip there on Friday will be enough to see her through. We are busy busy bust at home and at work and I just can’t believe how quickly the year seems to be flying by. I also spent most of last Friday with my friend Julia who just lost her little boy and she is amazing. She is coping so well she really is an inspiration for me when I am feeling overwhelmed by life. Each day that I think of her I am reminded just how lucky I am.

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