Sentimental blogging…

I have just spent the first part of my morning reading my list of blogs. A habit and ritual that has become part of my life and one which I never thought I would have. I never knew about the world of blogs before Rob and I decided that we would be all cutting edge and get one for ourselves. This funny little story was meant to be all about my pregnancy and our baby but it has become so much more. It has become a place for me to express myself. My sheer frustrations and the unbelievable joys of being a mother. A place where my friends and family catch up on what is going on and for them probably finding out so much more than they ever needed to know. My Mum is always shaking her head and telling me “one thing about you Beth is that you put it all out there!”.

This little blog has become a historical reference for Daisy to somehow/sometime look back on and read her story. From the beginning. It’s almost 2 years that we posted the first entry telling everyone that we were having a baby. And now we have this little girl, not a baby, walking around, playing with her dolls and being truly delightful. I am grateful that I have a place to share it all – with who – I don’t really know. Mostly I think for myself. For when I write it all down it’s out, I can look back and move on. All the good. All the bad. And because it all goes so fast I will be able to sit down and read it and think “oh yeah that really did happen” or “that WAS a really shitty time” or “I had it SO good what the hell was I freaking out about??”. I am glad I have it all here (somewhere?!?) in cyber space. It is Daisy’s story, and occasionally a very one-sided Rob story (from MY point of view that is) but mostly MY story. I love to read other people’s stories – about being parents and their lives. I see the challenges that other people face – feel comforted that they also have the same trouble I do with being a Mum, or parent or even a daughter. I feel like I have the support from people that don’t even know me and makes the big world not so big after all. I am one lucky lady. Thank you little blog.

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