We have seen some concerts this past week. Firstly we started at the Playschool concert on Friday with my Mum and my brothers little lady Mia. The girls had a great time. I was unsure how Daise was going to take it after the Wiggles debacle but she loved every minute. She stood up and danced and clapped along and did all the actions that they did. And they played ALL the hits – wheels on the bus, twinkle twinkle, dingle dangle scarecrow – what can I say it was a great set and Daisy well and truly approved.

During the concert…you can see the passion she shows!

Post concert shot of her favourite – HUMPTY! You can see that I too was a little star struck!

And the ladies post show enjoying their own time on stage! (Although Mia looks a little unsure of the whole thing here)

Then on Sunday we headed off to see Justine Clarke at the Enmore Theatre which was great. You have gotta love a kids concert – they are done and dusted in 35/40 mins – Daisy also loved this one. She clapped after each song and danced away on Grandma’s lap. All of her cousins were there as well and we all shared in a post picnic concert in the park afterwards (although it was definitely NOT picnic weather it was freezing) but good fun to be around family. Now I just have to explain to her that she doesn’t have to clap after every thing she does. I think she thinks that life is just one big concert now. And actually that’s not such a bad thing – I could get used to being applauded for unpacking the dishwasher!

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