I went into work yesterday morning. Sat down with my coffee and started to read through my emails like any Wednesday morning. I was stopped in my tracks. Floored. There was an email from a friend from Mother’s Group who is currently overseas visiting her family in Amsterdam to say that her little boy Lachlan had died. Died. He stopped breathing during his afternoon sleep on Sunday and then eventually died yesterday morning from brain damage caused. I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe that he won’t be around anymore. That he was here and now he isn’t. How can this happen? I can’t imagine what Jules and Angus will have to go through now. It’s all still so raw and awful that I haven’t processed it. Begun to understand it. There have been many tears. I just can’t imagine what they have been through and what they have ahead of them. He was a beautiful little boy. A week older than Daisy. Happy and gorgeous with the most beautiful eyes. He was Daisy’s friend. And he will be missed.


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