She works hard for the money

It’s true. I have to work 5 days this week. I know that may be the norm for most people but for me it is truly outrageous. Luckily I will be winning the $50 million powerball tomorrow night which should rule any more of those out in the future. I am not sure what will be my first purchase when I get the cash. Good question – if you won $50 million what would be the FIRST thing that you would buy? I’ll let you know on Friday morning. I did hear this morning that my chances of winning are actually 1 in 55 million so chances are I will be buying a coffee on my way to FREAKIN’ work!

We have a long weekend coming up to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. The only time of the year I celebrate being under the monarchy. We have decided to stay put and not go anywhere and I have to say I am looking forward to it. We have also decided to take the plunge and get foxtel installed. To say I am excited about it is a gross understatement. I figure if we spend so much time at home that we may as well watch as much bad TV as we can. Bring on Top Chef and Next top model, and Project Runway and all those GREAT home renovating shows. Can’t wait. No really I can’t. It will be a good chance to see Rob as well as he has been crazily busy at work and I have barely seen him all week. And it will be nice for Daise to stay put in her bed and chill at home. I plan on soup bubbling on the stove, perhaps a fire if it’s cold enough and plenty of TV, wine, food and rest. We generally always go away when we get a long weekend as our parent’s have places to go to – the country – the beach but the prospect of no time on the road and a settled baby is too much to resist.

Daisy is doing well as always. She is STILL not walking but is getting ever confident each day. She is in the baby room at daycare still as they have to stay in there until they can walk. The carer in there also LOVES Daisy and doesn’t want her to leave so I think they haven’t really been pushing for her to really go for it. I don’t think they tape her legs together but I don’t think that they are encouraging it either. They were telling Rob yesterday that Daise spends the day crawling around to all the babies and pats them on the back. At home she LOVES to play with her baby doll and all her dolls (which is so girly and has never really been encouraged by me) but she turns them over and burps them. It’s very sweet. But now she is doing it with real life babies in daycare! Perhaps they need the extra help in there so that’s why they want Daisy to stick around. Wish I could get some sort of rebate on the fees!

Not much else to report on. Looking forward to getting through the week and enjoying a weekend at home with the family. How simple my life has become! Oh and as an aside and because I love to remember stuff, it’s 2 years this weekend that we found out we were having Daisy. 2 years she has been around in some shape or form. I tell you the further I get away from when she was a baby, and she sleeps better and is communicating more and generally being more fun the thought of baby 2 scares the bejesus out of me. Will I ever have another baby? Will I ever get the guts to do it again???

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