Life. Oh Life.

In the words of possibly one of the worst songs EVER by Desiree (not worst song by Desiree as in her catalogue of work, but one of the worst songs EVER. Period) I have witnessed Life. Oh Life this week. We had the tragic news about Lachie, then the next day by brother’s wife had their newest addition to the family little Ava Lily. It has shown me that life goes on. People are born and people die. People break up. I think we have seen it all this week.

We also went and finally visited another new friend who was born 6 weeks ago Juliet. Daise was quite impressed with all the babies and intrigued by breastfeeding – she even attempted to breast feed a teddy bear and was loving patting them all on the back.

We have also had a quiet weekend at home as it has been freezing outside. We finally lit the fire, I made some home made soup and we have been hanging out enjoying the comfort and warmth of our little home. I caught up with the rest of our mother’s group yesterday as we all wanted to see each other to talk about what had happened. To look at our beautiful children and remember the beautiful little boy that Lachlan was. We also tried to work out how we can try and help out Julia on what is going to be an awful time ahead.

I am conflicted by sadness and delight. Of death and birth. But most of all I am truly grateful for what we have here and now and the immense joy that it brings me. A home. With a fire. Home made soup. Playing dolls with Daisy and taking walks to the park in the cold air. I am grateful for it all.

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