Frustration Station

Well the long weekend has been and gone and I am not sure I am all the more relaxed from it or not. After the 5 days of working last week the extra day was essential and not really a luxury.

We had pretty lousy weather, cool and rainy, which back in the day would have meant that we could have spent the whole weekend in bed, or on the couch under a doona but with a little girl meant that she was a little frustrated at being stuck indoors ALL. WEEKEND. Poor Daise also either has some new teeth coming in (or something else entirely) that caused her to whinge all weekend. You know the kind. The erh erh erh erh over and over and over and over. As well as a cough that she seems to do every 8-12 seconds for up to 2 hours at a time. It’s just a dry tickle cough that you can’t seem to do anything for and eventually when she forgets to do it she then stops but until then it drives me up the wall. I know you shouldn’t get frustrated at a poor little person who is not going out of their way to piss you off with a cough but I DO get frustrated and then feel guilty and awful until she does it again for another 2 hours and we start all over again.

I also think that the fact that she hasn’t started to walk yet is driving her crazy. She is ready to do it. Even took a few steps between Rob and I over the weekend but she just wants to go go go and I think she is starting to get over it. She also wants to talk. She knows EXACTLY what is going on and what she wants but gets frustrated that she can’t seem to communicate it, to articulate it. I try my best but I guess when I can’t get it by the 5th or 6th guess she gets cranky with me.

So that was the weekend. That’s where we are with it all. Here I am back at work for another week. Only upside is that I only have 2 days to get through until we can be hanging back at home together. Until then I hope the weather clears up as does the little cough.

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