Daisy’s First Gig

We had a chance last week to get some last minute tickets to Daisy’s first concert…The Wiggles. Now Daise is not really fan of the Wiggles work – mostly because Rob and I find them a little creepy so we tend not to put them on for her. If you have to sit and listen to crappy kids songs it’s usually best to do that to something that doesn’t make you go completely insane.

So we headed off on Friday afternoon with our friends Tam and Charlotte (2). We should have known it would be madness when we were offered $50 a ticket for ours from a desperate mother out the front. I should have taken the $30 profit and went out for coffee instead. But no we persevered on like the good mothers we should be. Charlotte got right into it and bopped away. Daisy not so much. I think she was a little young for it and couldn’t quite get her head around the fact that the people she sees on the TV were in front of her. They were real. I understood how she felt and we both left exhausted (with a headache and a whinging tired baby at no extra cost!) The photo I managed to capture says it all really.

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