Another weekend…some more words…

Each weekend of late Daisy seems to grow from Friday to Sunday. Sometimes physically, she feels heavier when you pick her up, taller against your leg, or has more teeth in her mouth and sometimes (and most recently) she has new words to say. And does she ever. Give her a little praise for nailing a new word and she runs with it. Over and over again. She MUST be my daughter as I am SUCH a sucker for encouragement and positive re-enforcement.

This weekend was brought to you by the following new words:

* Car (always plenty of these around so it gets a good go)
* Bubble (she says this with such gusto when she has a sip of soda water)
* Wow
* Go (usually said after one, two, three)
* Wee (also usually said after one, two, three)

I was saying to Rob this morning that it’s weird that she is starting to speak. Great but weird that our little lady now communicates properly with us. It’s amazing that it has happened and I am so excited about the endless number that she will continue to pick up in the weeks/months to come.

Other than that we had a pretty quiet weekend at home. Daise hasn’t been sleeping well – she wakes at night and then finds it almost impossible to get back to sleep by herself which is frustrating for all members of the Macdonald household. I really would have thought that by almost 17 months old that this shit would have sorted itself out. Although I do think it could be that she has a little of a cold that I have (which she gave to me in the first place) in which case if she feels anything like I have been feeling at night then I feel sorry for her and am more than happy to cuddle her if it makes her feel better. I have had this cold for over a week and each day it can’t decide whether it wants to be tonsillitis or a chest infection. I have decided that antibiotics can stop the fight and they can both piss off. I have also still been down and out about Lachie. I can’t stop thinking about it. I am just generally feeling a little down but I am sure as soon as I am physically better the mental will follow suit. We have had sunny winter days which are always a delight followed by cold nights and fires and soup so I have nothing to complain about!

And if things ever start to feel really bad I just have to listen to a certain little someone say ‘bubble’ and it all seems a little brighter.

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