Long Weekend at EIEIO

Well we did it. We got through last week. Daise and I did quite well all alone as well. I was a little anxious about the whole single parenting thing but was all the prouder when we made it through. I feel all grown up and responsible like!

Rob left Sunday lunch time and we headed over to Kate and Simon’s place (Rob’s cousin) who have just moved literally 5 minutes away from our place. Daise was a little unwell but had a great afternoon playing with all the kids while I drank enough wine to give me dutch courage to be single mumma. Monday morning I awoke to a very sick little girl with no voice, and a nasty call. Of course that happened this week of all weeks. Fortunately I put in some urgent and desperate calls to my Mum who looked after Daisy while I went to work. I managed to get away from work early – get Daisy, get her home and to bed and then turned around to do all the work I couldn’t get done at work because I was getting in late and leaving early. So. Much. Fun. So Daisy had 2 day with my Mum and on the 3rd day I dosed her with panadol, dropped her off at daycare and crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. She made it through the day and was on the mend at last. Me of course? Well I started to get sick too. Just when we needed to hit the road for the 5 hour trip to the farm!

We got away on Thursday morning at about 8.00am and managed to get to the farm at about 3. So 6 hours in total for the 400 old km’s it is away – but she was a gem in the car and we had a grand old time together singing away and looking at the countryside. I was excited to get to the farm and all I wanted was to hand Daise over to Rob and have a relax. Of course Daisy had different plans and we had a terrible night with her Thursday night. She FINALLY got to sleep at 3.15am and then started the day at 6.30am. Both Rob and I were feeling sick as well so were very un-impressed to say the least. We got on with it though and had a great weekend up there with Alan and Sue and Sue’s Mum Micky and of course Minx the dog who Daisy just adores. We went for plenty of walks and Daisy practiced and practiced her walking and even managed to stand by herself a few times. We played croquet, and went down by the river to look at all the ducks and cows. Daise just seems to LOVE it there being in the country – although with her name I guess she was always going to. The days were sunny and warm (the boys even managed a swim in the pool which had the heaters on) and the nights cold enough to sit by the fire and drink wine. We ate very well and I managed my first batch of scones for the neighbours that came over for afternoon tea (just call me part of the freakin’ CWA). While we weren’t at our best we still had a great time and I finally got my hit of the farm that was needed.

We are all finally on the mend and feeling a little better and back into the swing of work and daycare and being in Sydney together. It is lovely to have Rob back – I couldn’t believe how much I missed him. Even though I do most of the things for Daisy that she needs doing – having someone there with you in the middle of the night makes all the difference. Knowing the key is going in the door at some stage makes you feel a little safer. But I am proud of myself for the week and for the first car trip up there by myself with a baby for 6 hours. That is worth celebrating I think.

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