Celebrating the Mumma

I had a lovely Mother’s day yesterday spending the day with all my family. Rob fussed over me on behalf of Daisy in the morning, then we caught up with Rob’s Mum for morning tea and then over to my brothers place for lunch with all my family. It was a lovely day – cool and autumn like and all the kids had so much fun playing together. Daisy ate her body weight in food as well – jelly, ice cream, lamb cutlets – she did not stop all day but loved every minute of it.

Daisy is starting to get more confident on her feet – slowly, slowly she is starting to stand by herself and will walk around with the help of someones hands. She has been such a slow mover but I think in the next few months (hopefully) she will start walking. I know that she has mastered the stairs in our house and thinks it is possibly the best fun ever being able to get up there all the way to the top. It must seem like Everest to her and she is very proud when she does make it.

Another weekend over so soon – it seems like I get through my days at work and then before I know it is Sunday night and the blues kick in. I am desperate for a break from the grind of these weeks – they are flying by but sometimes seem like a real battle with Daise in daycare etc. Hopefully I can take some leave from work after the end of financial year and have a break. Rob is off to his Dad’s farm for a writing break for his show with some guys at the end of this week so I will be home alone all next week. We might try and get up there ourselves later next week and try and get some time up there which I am desperate for. It has been the longest time we have ever been away from there and I can’t bear it. I just have to get Daise and I through a 5 hour car trip just the 2 of us which could be very interesting. If only we could teleport there…

Anyway, better get on with the week. Sigh….

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