All you need is love

We celebrated some dear, close friends marriage on the weekend and it really was one of the most heartfelt, loving weddings I have ever been to. Amelia is one of Rob’s oldest and closet friends from high school and she is also Daisy’s godmother. I have only known her for the 5 years that Rob and I have been together and most of those she has been living over in London, but she truly is one of the most special, generous and kind people you could EVER meet. And then her Tom. Well she met him over in London and they will soon be back over there starting their new life together. He is lovely. So lovely. Together they just make the BEST couple and to witness their union, and be a part of the day made me just realise what a lovely thing it is to meet someone. Your someone. Someone that you will spend the rest of your days with. They are just meant to be, and they eventually found each other and I know that they will be together forever more. They will have children, they will raise his own children from his first marriage together as great parents and be happy and be married. And I just feel lucky that I know them and got to witness their special day. Rob and I were honoured to be their witnesses and sign the official document of such an occasion.

It was also a special wedding because Mum and I did all of the flowers for the day. We did the bouquets for the bridesmaids and the bride. The little flowery things for the groom and his brother, as well as all of the table arrangements. I offered to do this knowing that my Mum would help me out, and because it was a chance for me to do something that I love to do with my Mum and for someone who deserves so much, it was my way of helping her out a little. We had a great few days going to the markets and then arranging them all – beautiful flowers and special times with my Mum – who could ask for anything more? These days of being creative with the flowers, laughing with Daisy and Mum and all the happiness we had together, of watching a beautiful wedding with my own husband strong and true by my side will stay in my heart forever.

It really was a special weekend and one that I will remember for some time to come. I am a lucky girl with all these wonderful things and people in my life. I have been reminded of it this weekend and I am grateful for it all.


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