2 years…5 years…where does it go?

It’s Rob’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Rob! 32 numbers old. I was getting dressed for work this morning and he said to me that he was 27 when we met. Goodness me. I know it’s probably not that long only 5 years but it really seems like me only met yesterday. Time has just flown by so quickly. I have always kept journals and love to reflect back on this time last month, year, 5 years, 15 years ago…and now I have another milestone to think about.

We celebrated Rob’s 30th (2 years ago??!!!) now in Ireland. What a holiday we had. We decided to have a last holiday before we started trying for a baby and went to London to see my sister and friends, then over to Ireland to celebrate his birthday with his Dad and some family and friends, then back to London, and Prague and home via Dubai. I have such happy memories of the carefree days, drinking the night away, seeing amazing things and being with our favourite friends and family. How lucky we were to celebrate that. To see out our single days in style. And how lucky we were to come back with a teeny, weeny baby inside my belly. All ready to start a new adventure and journey together.

Rob, I hope that 2 years later the celebration is just as good. It’s certainly not as fancy, as fun, as boozy, or exotic but it’s who we are now. And when you got a little kiss from Daisy this morning, and she helped you open your present, well that’s got to be better than 101 overseas holidays? Doesn’t it? Come on…sort of? Maybe not. But it’s pretty damn good.

Happy Birthday my love. Let’s see where we are in 2 more years!

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