Sunday arvo at the pub

Yesterday we had a few beers with some friends of ours – Josh and Susie – and some drunk people that looked like they had spent all day there were quite taken with Daise (actually they thought her name was Stacey so kept calling her that!). One of them had a camera and was taking loads of shots of us all (he worked for Olympus so had a great camera) and said he would send them through. I didn’t quite think that he ever would (thought he would wake up and say who the hell are these people??!!) but they came through this morning. Here are some snaps – not quite the traditional family portrait shoot but not bad nonetheless and typical of us. Funny!

Had a good weekend – not much to report on – we have changed from Daylight Savings time which is always a little depressing as you know you are heading into winter and Daise has been a little out of sorts with the change. Who knew one hour could make such a difference?

We are off for a visit to see my great Aunt Daisy (Eileen) later this week which should be nice. My Mum and sister and all the kids are heading up there. I will be sure to take some snaps.

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