Project GBGB Update

So…….Friday I took Project GBGB by the horns. I dropped off Daisy with my sister at 11.30 (AM!!) and took myself off to the hairdressers to get a newdo. I spent 3.5 hours there sitting on my arse doing nothing except drink coffee and read trashy magazines (bliss!!!) I then went and did some shopping walking slowly, going into shops as they took my interest and just generally having a lovely/non baby shopping experience. I then got home, got myself dressed for a night out and waited for Rob to get home. We had a cheeky drink at home and then after a quick call to check in on Daisy with my Mum (who now had her for a sleep over) we headed out for a night on the tiles. We had a few drinks at a couple of bars and then went to the restaurant where we had our first ever date – we even got the very same table we sat at almost 5years ago! We then continued the night out with a few friends (gay with no children). When we got home at about 1am we noticed that the house at the back of our place was having a massive party but I happily went to bed knowing that it hadn’t bothered me all night, that I was probably going to pass out from all the wine I had consumed, and that Daisy would not bother us AT ALL. I sunk into bed and didn’t move until 8.30 that’s right 8.30!!! when we got up and went and picked up Daisy from Mum’s place. Now that’s what I call a good 24 hours!

The rest of the weekend was spent indoors as the weather has been appalling and wet and cold. I purchased scrabble on Saturday afternoon and spent most of the weekend in between Daisy’s sleeps playing scrabble with Rob. We are planning on getting out the board games and playing rather than just sitting in front of the TV.

So things are back on track, I am feeling good and having a great time with Rob. Thank you project GBGB.

Oh and BTW Daisy is good. I mean this blog is all about her yes? She has been sleeping well and coming in leaps and bounds with her speaking. Our digital camera is out of order for the moment but I will be sure to get some snaps up soon. She is quite the little lady these days – so grown up! Later this week we are off on a little trip with some friends to the country. One of the couple’s parents owns a winery so we will be sure to have a good old time! Can’t wait to get out of town and have some time in the country – and with 3 little girls under 2 to play with we are sure to have a busy time!

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