It’s all part of the story

So I have had an interesting (and mostly crappy) couple of days. I think I have upset myself, my husband, Daise and others I probably don’t even know of. It’s a funny thing having a blog because you put yourself out there, what you are thinking/feeling frustrated by and there it is for all to read and comment on. I guess if you (I) don’t want advice then I shouldn’t put it there but I have got quite used to coming on here, jotting stuff down and then moving on. And what a great reflection it is to go back and read, and remember how you were feeling about marriage, or parenthood, or friends and family at any given time. I have always kept journals – I have them going back to when I was 12 or so, so I guess it has always been natural for me to put stuff down, to make myself see what I am REALLY thinking about stuff.

I was going to take down my posts about feeling cranky and tired and miserable and what I am frustrated about. But I’m not going to. Because that IS how I feel (well felt yesterday at least) and as Rob says it’s ALL part of the story. I am not miserable ALL THE TIME. Or unhappy about being wife or mother ALL THE TIME, I just put it out there when I do, just for myself really so I can get it off the chest and move on. I have gotten some great advice from friends and family these past few days and I appreciate it all. Thank you for taking the time to help me out of your day. If I didn’t put it out here then I would never get to see such wisdom, insight and kindness from the people that surround you all the time….and that’s only got to be a good thing right?

So…I am feeling better, much better in fact. You could even say I have woken with a little spring in my step this morn (crazy I know!). I will get my groove back. You will hear about it along the way. Oh yes I shall be back. Bigger (actually skinnier would be nicer) and better than ever. It’s all part of MY (and Rob’s and Daisy – poor things have no choice) story.

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