I need to speak to Stella…

To find out how she got her groove back. Be prepared for a whinge. If you are not interested then stop reading now. Don’t tell me how lucky I am just piss off and let me whinge.

I am feeling a little blah if you hadn’t noticed. Feeling a little unsure of myself at the mo…feeling too much like a mother and employee and wife and not a lot more. In fact there isn’t much left after I get through all that. Life seems to be passing me by. Rob and I are passing ships going through the motions of life without really stopping and communicating. Even where we live is getting me down as our neighbours had a party all. night. long on Sat night. I eventually got to sleep at 3.30am. Farrrrrrrrrrrrrrk! Sometimes I love living in the city – other times I crave desperately the quietness of the burbs (usually only for 5 seconds).

I think I need to try and make some time for myself. And Rob. And actually spend time talking to each other. Not about work (usually just his) and not about Daisy. I don’t want to be those people in a restaurant that you see sitting there in silence just looking at everybody else wondering what they are talking about. We usually have so much fun together and I am desperate for some. And we are talking at the moment about baby number 2. I think I would like to catch up for a coffee and a chat before we go there but understand that it’s probably best to get cracking. Arggggggh I want to get off this grown up life ride and just sit on the couch in my pj’s and do nothing for a week.

And family/friends reading this don’t offer me advice. Don’t feel sorry for me. Just let me get it out. I will be over it soon enough I am sure but let me wallow in it for a while ok? I am sure you have all felt like it just don’t judge me because I am writing it down. Randoms reading this any advice would be appreciated. Somehow it seems better from someone that doesn’t know you at all.

Anywho. Blah. Blah. Blah. Hope you all have a good week. Somehow I will try and get through this Monday crankiness and have a good one. Watch this space.

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