I am pretty open minded but for the love of sweet baby cheeses…

I like to think of myself as a fairly open minded person. I have always even prided myself on the fact that I am open to most things, accepting of most people and what they decide to do. I know people are different, that different things floats different peoples boats etc etc but I have to say in the last week I have been tested.

Case 1
Pregnant man. What the hell is all that about? It just makes me feel woozy and cranky that I can hardly talk about it. I get that she wanted to be a he. But now a mother? It’s too much. And as I said I am open to LOTS of things. I have tried LOTS of things. Some of my best friends are into LOTS of different things but this is just too much. And not cool.

Case 2
Daughter and Father living together and having children together. 60 minutes on Sunday ran this story and although they said that they did not grow up together blah blah blah he is her father and they have slept together. And worse still had children. One of them actually died from some disorder.

I don’t like to use this forum as a chance for me to tell all my views but I feel compelled to comment. What has the world come to? These poor children that have been bought into it. Actually, maybe not. They will be bought into the world into loving families where their Mother and Father (in whatever combination) will unconditionally love them. That’s not so bad. There are worse situations to come into I guess. Maybe I should open my mind a little further…jeepers!


  1. The world can be a little freaky.

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