Attempt # 1 to get said missing groove back

I had enough of myself yesterday. I was sick of the sound of my whinging SO on the bus home I wrote a list of things to do to get missing groove back. I got inspired – almost pumped up about the month ahead – some challenges I was going to set for myself and reach – and really felt like I was starting to shrug it off and embrace a new beginning.

Then I got home. I noticed that the cupboard under the sink was full of water – that there was a leak. So I spent a while cleaning that up on my hands and knees. And then Rob got home with Daisy who had (of course) fallen asleep in the car on the way home from daycare because the traffic was horrendous and she was exhausted from her day there, who then proceeded to whinge because it was 6.15pm and she was tired and the last thing she wanted was a bath. So then we finally got her to bed and I had to turn around and do 2 hours of work, then collapsed into bed exhausted. AND THEN Daisy proceeded to wake up at 12.30, then 3.30 and 3.45 and 4.00 and eventually got her up at 4.15 where we have been up since. Watching f***ing High 5 DVD’s to keep her from screaming. She is EXHAUSTED. I am CRANKY. Rob is TIRED AND CRANKY and not sure what to do about his cranky, miserable wife.

I am going to try again tomorrow. Not today I am so over it already and it’s 8.11am. Keep watching this space…

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