Tis a Leap year!

It just seems to be leaping by! I can’t quite catch my breath actually. The weeks seem to come around so quickly that when I turned to the new week in my diary and saw that it was week 10, that’s right, week 10 I had to turn the pages to see if in fact there had been a printing error in my Burbery planner. There wasn’t. It is in fact the 3rd of March today.

I was remembering this time last year this morning as it is our friend’s 1st wedding anniversary today. This time last year we packed up our 2 week old daughter and headed on our first family road trip to Mudgee for a wedding in the vineyards. I can’t believe that we did that – how very brave! But then of course of we did it- all she did was sleep. And I was still so worried about all that – I really can’t wait for number 2 just so I can truly relax and enjoy it. She says this now at least.

The little lady seems to have grown up so much in the last 2 weeks since her birthday. She knows exactly what is going on. as her great grandmother says – she knows what she likes and she likes what she knows. we had her 12 month needles last week and they weighed her and she was a massive 11.4 kilos. That’s right – 11.4. The same size, well a few grams off the weight of her 2 and a half year old boy cousin Liam. The doctor was taken aback from her weight as she says that she doesn’t look like that – but there you go. She did say that I would be more worried if she was underweight. She is getting about with quite a bit of steam as well and is up on the knees and I am certain is about a week off standing. Slow and steady she will get there. We are spending plenty of time in the park with lots of other kids trying to enjoy the last few moments of the summer. The days are now getting shorter and cooler and socks and jumpers have been getting a go again. We managed to get an entire new winter wardrobe that is very sweet and I can’t wait to get her in it all. I’m sure when I am in the depths of winter I will be over it all. She has also decided to drop her morning sleep which is so not cool and she didn’t even ask me if I was ok with that (I wasn’t. When am I supposed to get a shower in now???) But this means that she has a longer sleep in the middle of the day which when I don’t have 8 million other things to do I plan on watching daytime TV and sleeping on the couch during. The other joy I have had is watching Daisy play with some old toys of mine. When my grandfather died my Mum went under his house and found lots of our old stuff that we had stored under there. Including my old pound puppies and cabbage patch doll (Ian Joshua – could he have a more awful name I ask you?). After a wash in the machine they have come up trumps and Daise is quite impressed with them. In fact she shares very well with them making sure she offers her bottle to them when she is finished including making drinking noises while she holds the bottle up to their lips (or snout). It could be quite possibly the sweetest thing ever. EVER.

We have a very busy week ahead of us with me working lots of extra hours, Rob being away all weekend and then me heading interstate next week for work. I am sure we will catch our breath again in a week or 2 or at Easter. Easter I tell you!! Wasn’t it just Christmas?????!!!!!!!!

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