Les Miserables

And that goes for all of us. Actually I can’t speak for Rob just Daise and I have been for the last week. She, because of a NASTY cold and some more teeth coming in. Not sure which ones they are but she has been dribbling for Australia and pulling at her mouth so I assume that what’s going on. She has also been struck down with a bad cold & cough and seperation anxiety from being away from me all the time.

Which brings me to my misery – too much work and not enough time with my family. I knew that this craziness was coming up and I tried to gear up for it but nothing can prepare you for the sadness in your heart and guilt when you have to work and be away from your baby. I had to work an extra 2 days late last week and then we had a weekend without Rob and then I was interstate for work for 2 days and between all of us we decided that it wasn’t much fun.

I am finally free from work now though (for a day) and have a weekend with Rob ahead of me. Hopefully Daise will be on the mend so we can enjoy Easter coming up the following weekend. I can’t wait for the 4 days off but I can’t believe that we are there already – I remember last Easter so clearly and now here we are a year later. Goodness!


  1. Ugh, maybe this virus is traveling through the Internet?

    We are also suffering through several teeth. I put my finger in Gabe’s mouth to see tonight, and almost lost the tip of my finger! Ouch!

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