Easter Treats

We had a lovely long weekend albeit a little crazy and all over the place! Good Friday was indeed a Good Friday as we had a lovely lunch with all of Rob’s family as well as his cousin who has moved over from London. It was so lovely to meet Maddie at long last and have a chat and laugh with them. We then packed up the car and headed to my Mum’s place for dinner. Daise was a tad delirious but was happy to be able to see ALL her cousin’s on the one day (8 first cousins with one more on the way and one second cousin!).

Saturday was frantic as we headed down to Melbourne for a brief 24 hour visit for a friend of Rob’s for their wedding. I was a little anx about leaving Daise as I hadn’t really arranged for her to be in the one place but by all accounts she did really well with all the people she was left with and Grandma Kathryn and Aunty Rozzi did a great job looking after her. The wedding Sat night was good fun as it is always fun to frock up and drink the night away without the baby! We stayed with Robs cousin and her husband and we had a great time catching up with them and having lots of laughs.

Sunday we went to Yum Cha (not the most traditional Easter Sunday lunch but Fan bloody tastic) and got back to Sydney at about 4.30pm. I was busting to see Daise and she was lovely – we had a bit of a family love fest and then spent Monday taking it easy and relaxing at home together. At the end of it we felt like we needed another 4 days to recover as in true Macdonald form we filled every minute with action but it was a lovely Easter weekend full of family and friends and good times.

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