When I grow up

I took these photos of Daisy on the weekend and when I looked at them I was struck at just how much they represented everything I ever imagined I could have. You know when you are younger and you try to picture how you WANT your life to look like – the kind of house, the children, the family, the husband etc. Do you know what I mean? Well when I saw them I thought that they showed me JUST the kind of life I always imagined (and hoped) I would have. Daisy cooking on the floor with stuff from the cupboards, the pictures on the fridge from my brother and sisters kids, the kettle on the stove, the lovely warm and inviting kitchen….it’s just how I wanted it to be. Actually it’s probably better. I try every day to be grateful for everything I have in my life, and as you can see it’s not hard to find something!

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