I have been very reflective these last few days and am feeling quite emotional about Daisy’s 1st birthday on Thursday. I just can’t quite believe that we have all made it through a year. A whole year!

I keep thinking back to this time last year. How impatient I was for the baby to arrive. How desperate I was to meet him/her and how uncomfortable and massive I really was! Then I can recall that same sick feeling I had after she was born. The constant worry, panic and worry that sat in my stomnach for so many weeks after she was born. If only I could have that time back – I would have marvelled at her and enjoyed her and RELAXED with her. I guess that comes second time round right? Or are you so busy with number 1 that you will never get that special time back?

I am so very proud of the little lady that we have raised so far. Sure most of it has to be her personality and nature that has nothing to do with us, but when I see the happy little girl that we have who is funny, and clever and all round just plain amazing I can’t help but feel so proud of Rob and I and all the hard work we have done. It has been without a doubt the hardest but best year of my life. I have been challenged EVERY day by being a mother. I love the closeness that I now have with my own mother. I love that I have finally understood what it means to be a mother. To get that worry, that physical connection you have to your own child. I love that my Mum must have that with me. I love teaching Daisy things – it has only just begun and I love the potential that we can give to her and that she has. It is limitless. How amazing.

I can’t wait to celebrate with her and Rob on Thursday and toast all of us for the grand job that we have done. I love my little family so much I could just pop. You know what I mean – I could burst for the happiness that they give me every day. What an amazing thing it is to be able to create a life and bring it into the world.

Here’s to our funny little Valentine!

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