A Very Merry Christmas Indeed!

Daisy had a FABULOUS first Christmas! A belated entry but one nonetheless! We started our Christmas holidays up at my Dad’s place at Pearl Beach with all the family. Dad had to play Santa for the town and arrived on the back of the fire truck in a sleigh! It was hilarious! We then headed back to Sydney and spent Christmas Eve with all of my family at my brothers place. It was a great night with all the kids very excited about seeing Santa. We got home reasonably early and did our first ever Santa sack for Daise (very momentous occasion!). You can see in the photos the opening of the sack on Christmas morning. She obviously didn’t know what was going on and we only gave her 2 presents from Santa (for under $20). We did however buy her some artwork that she will be able to keep forever. We figured it was nice to get her something special for her first Christmas instead of buying crap to fill our small little house that she doesn’t know about anyway. The painting is very sweet and looks great in her room.

Christmas day we went to mass in the morning and then headed to Rob’s Mum’s place for the day (and night). It was a quiet lunch with just the 4 of us (Daise slept through most of lunch anyway) and then in the afternoon Rob’s brother and sister in law and 3 girls were over for a few hours! So a busy time but lovely to spend with the family. Daisy started a love affair with beans on Christmas day which is still in full throttle she just loves them! String beans, snow peas – you name it she loves it! Christmas night we stayed with Kathryn and then Boxing Day we were off to the farm for 10 days for our summer holiday.

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